• To begin the new year, Pastor Josh gives a word of encouragement to deepen ministry areas though works or piety and works of mercy. These will include giving to local and denominational missions projects, supporting the Salvation Army coat drive through the month of February, and Love Luggage suitcase projects.  Leadership for 2021 is intoduced, and the missions plan through June is laid out.


December 2020

  • Pastor Josh offers thanksgiving and encouragement as we end a very difficult and "different" year. 

January-February 2020

  • To begin a new year, Pastor Josh calls us to renewal in ministry and family and to hold fast to the God Who knows all. Do not live in fear, but rely on His mercies to forth everyday.


September-October 2019 Newsletter

  • In this uncertain season, Pastor Josh realizes sometimes it's hard to know how to pray. To alleviate that feeling of "What do I say now?", the September-October newsletter contains a collection of prayers chosen to help you with that. As a congregation, knowing others are praying the same pray we are,  can give a feeling of strength and unity as we press forward to get the Kingdom work done.

July-August 2019 Newsletter

  • Pastor Josh challenged us in two ways - one, to continue to serve and reach into our community with the light and love of Christ Jesus. Second, to provide comfort to those whose loved one has passed on to new life in course of the year so far. There have been several holy ones who have gone on before us, and we must not forget the ones they have left behind.


May-June 2019 Newsletter

  • During the seven Sundays of Easter, and in preparation for Pentecost, Pastor Josh reminds us that life came from death and encourages each of us to reflect on the meaning of Pentecost. Are you ready for your Pentecost?

March-April 2019 Newsletter

  • During the season of Lent, Pastor Josh called us to reflect on the words family, unity, reconciliation, and sacrificial love. 

January-February 2019 Newsletter

  • Pastor Josh dedicated his message in this issue to encourage us to reignite our faith in making disciples by getting involved in a ministry or creating a new one to reach souls that have not been reached before. Our god is a moving, communicating God, and we need to have fresh eyes and ears to hear when God is so we may step into His activity.